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Barcode ball Advantage introduction

May 26, 2019

Barcode is by far the most economical and practical automatic identification technology. Bar code technology has the following advantages

A. Fast input speed: Barcode input is 5 times faster than keyboard input and enables “instant data entry”.

B. High reliability: keyboard input data error rate is one-hundredth of one, using optical character recognition technology error rate is one in ten thousand, and bar code technology error rate is less than one millionth.

C. The amount of information collected is large: the traditional one-dimensional barcode can be used to collect information of dozens of characters at a time, and the two-dimensional barcode can carry thousands of characters of information, and has certain automatic error correction capability.

D. Flexible and practical: Bar code identification can be used as a means of identification alone, or it can be combined with related identification equipment to realize automatic identification, and can be connected with other control equipment for automatic management.

In addition, bar code labels are easy to make, there are no special requirements for equipment and materials, identification equipment is easy to operate, no special training is required, and equipment is relatively inexpensive.

E. The cost is very low. In the retail sector, because bar codes are printed on merchandise packaging, their cost is almost 'zero'.