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Barcode ball for the lottery bingo casino machine

May 29, 2020


        2-of-5 (I2 of 5)

Can only represent numbers 0-9 Variable length, continuous barcode, all bars and spaces indicate codes, the first number starts from the bar, the second number consists of empty The blank area is 10 times wider than the narrow bar, used in commodities In wholesale, warehouse, airport, production / package identification, industry, the barcode reading rate is high, which can be applied to fixed scanners for reliable scanning, and the highest density among all one-dimensional barcodes.


        (Kudba code)

Can represent numbers 0-9, characters $, +,-, and four characters a, b, cd that can only be used as start / stop characters, variable length, no check digit, used in material management, books In the delivery of libraries, blood stations and current airport parcels, the blank area is 10 wider than the narrow bar, and the discontinuous bar code, each character is represented as 4 3 empty. Codabar aka NW 7, NW 7 is called in Japan.