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Barcode ball Scanning principle

Mar 06, 2019

▲ CCD: CCD is used as the photoelectric converter, and LED is used as the scanner of the illuminating light source. Within a certain range, automatic scanning can be achieved. And you can read all kinds of materials, barcodes on uneven surfaces, and the cost is relatively low. However, the scanning distance is shorter than that of the laser type.

▲Laser: A scanner that uses laser light as a light source. Can be divided into line type, full angle and so on.

▲ Image: Photographed with a light source using a hard decoding board. Usually, image scanning can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes, such as the New World Engine and the Honeywell Engine.

Line type: mostly used for handheld scanners, with a wide range and high accuracy.

Full angle: Mostly industrial-grade fixed scanning, high degree of automation, automatic reading of bar code and output level signals in various directions, combined with sensors.