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Mar 18, 2018

Basic Information

A bar code is a graphic identifier that expresses a plurality of pieces of information by arranging a plurality of black bars and spaces of unequal widths according to a certain coding rule. common

The bar code is a parallel line pattern arranged by black bars (abbreviated bars) and white bars (abbreviated abbreviations) whose reflectances are greatly different. The bar code can indicate many items such as the country of manufacture, manufacturer, name of the product, date of manufacture, classification number of the book, start and end point of the mail, category, date, etc., and thus it is used in many areas such as commodity circulation, library management, postal management, and banking system. Widely used.

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Internationally, including China, are now collectively referred to as bar codes.

The general merchandise bar code is generally composed of a prefix part, a manufacturer code, a merchandise code, and a check code. The prefix code in the commodity bar code is the code used to identify the country or region, and the entitlement is in the International Article Numbering Association. For example, 00-09 represents the United States and Canada. 45-49 stands for Japan. 690-695 represents mainland China, 471 represents Taiwan, and 489 represents Hong Kong SAR. Empowerment of Manufacturer Codes In each country or region of Article Numbering Organization, China is assigned a manufacturer code by the National Article Numbering Center. The commodity code is the code used to identify the product. The entitlement of the entitlement is exercised by the manufacturer of the product itself. The manufacturer decides on its own terms what kind of Arabic numerals it uses as the product barcode according to the specified conditions. The product bar code is finally verified with a 1-digit check code to verify the correctness of the 1-12th digit code from the left of the product bar code. A commodity bar code is an identifier consisting of a set of regularly arranged bars, spaces, and their corresponding characters, used to represent certain product information symbols. The bars are dark, empty, and light-colored and are used for scanning readings of barcode reading devices. The corresponding character consists of a set of Arabic numerals for people to directly read or use the keyboard to input data to the computer. This group of blanks and the corresponding characters represent the same information.

Bar code technology was born with the development and application of computer and information technology. It is a new technology that combines coding, printing, identification, data acquisition and processing.

The use of bar code scanning is a major trend in the market circulation today. In order to enable products to be freely and widely distributed throughout the world, companies must comply with the regulations concerning product bar code management, whether they are designing, producing, or registering for the use of bar codes.

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Barcode application procedure:

1. The applicant can go to the local coding branch to apply for a vendor identification code, and provide a business license or a business license and a copy of the legal person. (Reserved respectively by the China Article Numbering Center, the coding branch of the applicant’s location, and the company’s internal archives)

2. Fill in the “Registration Form for Members of China Commodity Barcode System” and fill in the registration form directly on ANCC. (Note: If you fill out the online application form, you need to print, stamp, and submit it to the local coding branch.)

3. The group company should fill in the basic information table of the subsidiary company of the group company.

4. Applicant's application materials After the preliminary review of the local branch's coding branch, the qualified information is signed by the coding branch and submitted to the China Article Numbering Center (hereinafter referred to as the Code Center) for approval.

5. After the coding center receives the application materials qualified for preliminary examination and the fees paid by the applicant (see Table 1), the code center approves the registered manufacturer's identification code to the applicant and completes the approval process.

6. The application unit has received the certificate of membership of the China Commodity Barcode System and the application has ended.

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