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Ernie is in accordance with the principle of the design of Pyramid(1)

Mar 31, 2017

The lottery director doesn't know the number. But the lottery center can control the opening of the first prize. Open a few note first prize, the first prize in what provinces on the tricky.

In fact, the award program is designed in accordance with the theory of design Pyramid, 5 million is the pinnacle of Pyramid. The bottom of the Pyramid is 5 yuan, the bottom of the previous design of the upper and lower limits. Pyramid is the bottom of the small prize. That cannot be too big or too small. That is to say, the bottom is too big to lose money in the lottery center; the bottom is too small, too few winners can not do. The computer is designed to be very regular. For example, by the director to the computer instructions issued a note first prize. The computer in the current selling number screened on both part of the people winning the lottery center, and do not lose money, just a number of awards. Of course, with this number to more than one. Maybe the ten note. The computer then choose from a most conforms to the law. Pass to Ernie, Ernie again by a reader read the computer to calculate the good table tennis ball. This is how we feel that the number of awards is very regular, it is difficult to grasp. This is because the computer from buying the number we choose as far as possible in accordance with the law, and is the reason a number out of the prize. Lottery center director can only open the computer to open the first prize. Open a few note first prize, the first prize in the provinces and cities on the instructions, the rest of the computer to do.More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com