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Ernie is in accordance with the principle of the design of Pyramid(2)

Apr 02, 2017

How did you know that? In fact, the lottery machine is a manually controlled computer. It's simple。 If the computer does not command machine. Ernie will award. But what may have. For example, the first prize out of 1000 note. Grand Prix award. Awards and awards. Lottery companies will often lose money, because the small prize out too much. Now there is only one result, the number is always in line with the principles of Pyramid, lottery companies will never lose money. Unless he intends to accompany the one or two money, to show its false notary. Single stage or high volume under the condition of "little tricks prize open too much, can not afford to pay the tax" rated countries. Why is the computer designed to be as regular as possible?. This allows you to use your head and work hard to win. Casual gambling can also get rich. Expanded participation.

Old lottery people know that sometimes the number is difficult to get out of the prize, but out of the numbers are based on the law. This is the lottery director to nine out of ten computer sent out a first instruction, but did not limit the first reason in what province. Sometimes feel the number of inexplicable, blind hop. This is a lottery director to computer sent out a note first prize instruction, and limit the first province in what. Because the computer must choose a note in the national scope than the range in the province's choice, are more likely to conform to the law. Of course, the twentieth lottery director to computer sent five note first prize instruction, not in the first limit in a province, if the dog issued two instructions in a computer, can not find the five note first prize number principle in Pyramid. The program was a mess. More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com