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Ernie is in accordance with the principle of the design of Pyramid(4)

Apr 07, 2017

In fact, when we three years ago this lottery, I found that the number is not random lottery lottery from a phenomenon. But there's no evidence. Can not express opinions. Recently this time we computer sports lottery televised away. Our sports lottery is the 35 election 6+1 has more than six months did not open the top prize. Each time the sales volume is not large, I did not write a special award.

The things you try, the sports lottery machine in the number of balls is not gas blown upward, but downward leakage. The machine was out of order when it moved to the sixth ball. All the balls are missing. According to the lottery rules number six is out front, enabled second sets of back-up ball rolling seventh number, open second sets of back-up ball seals out all the ball into the baffle ernie. Continue to roll out seventh numbers. The end of the lottery. It is a pity that they did not completely smash mischief. Not the six numbers, the first set of ball out pick out from second sets of balls in the. Just shake seventh numbers. Because the second sets of spare number ball or 35 ball. It may put the ball out of the first set of numbers and then roll out. The truth is not shaking. Because the machine is a good number to identify the computer just shake it. Of course, it's impossible to shake.More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com