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How to manage a video game machine industry

Feb 23, 2017

Now open planning video game store are very difficult country has very strict rules usually are not Shen, you little planning, not to mention, the small open plan now is related to which is opened by stealing. Shop video games usually do not take mercy game card 1000 Yuan, card game 200 to 700 Yuan had advocated a hundreds of games in variable game cards almost 300 thousand, the players look forward to. Above is a new offer if the cheaper second-hand, and I know Guangzhou Panyu sells two cell phones a lot. What games are you out to the game to see themselves in the store knew what anticipated games, cultural and class comparison of video games to make money such as mahjong, Mac, Mercedes-Benz and BMW make money fast, others such as the King more than 97 get some very much-anticipated.
1. first you need to know what type of video games compared to earn money, such as street fighter, King of fighters, and so on.
2. offer and buy video games ... 23,100 fun electronic game machine have?
3. other electronic game machines like the comparison operation? for example, gun blade NY.
4. If at home I've got three or four such video game operations, requests operating license how long? Want money?
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