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How to solve 3D Lottery machine failure problem

Feb 23, 2017

Play 3D Lottery machine is most afraid of is the fault of the problems encountered, especially playing in full swing, and suddenly the machine is out of order, this is what everyone would like to see. So, source brother electronic products in the production of 3D tickets machine, paying special attention to your own 3D quality of the lottery machine, avoiding loss of players.
1, host switching, signal on the screen. 3D ticket games anyway and the computer is very similar in nature, however, want to ensure that their host and well screen signal, you must confirm that the fan, ensure their proper functioning. Another point is the host of two pins in the box short. If a problem occurs, there will be the biggest reason.
2, coin case. It should be 3D lottery machines up to a fault, sometimes it's not that this 3D Lottery machine there is something wrong with, wants to avoid this from happening, be sure to note cards and motors. If the two places are not working properly, such as motor is no longer operational, it needs to be refurbished.
3, automatic operation. Play this 3D Lottery machine knows, they are impossible to operate on its own and operate, it is fully controlled by the player. The reason for this, most of them are short circuit problem. Thus, bosses either at the time of installation or in maintenance, be sure to pay attention to their lines.