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lottery ball betting skills comprehensive analysis mode

Jan 12, 2018

The thinking method of historical analysis of the bicolour ball red ball is to examine the macroscopic history of a certain number in order to know the performance of the number in each evolution phase and the characteristics of the movement. These processes are complicated to say, but the various phases can be easily analyzed by creating a fixed model.

Analysis of the recent performance of the bicolor red ball, the first observation where the disk more features a single code, such as the red ball 23 in 2010044 to 2010055 period appears at intervals, while the 03 is symmetrical features.

Secondly, a comprehensive analysis of the history of the lottery of the bicolour red balls is to analyze the development stage of each number in the process of evolution, to compare, combine, summarize and abstract from the movement characteristics to recognize the general characteristics of each lottery number.

And then from the trend of Dalian and the number of even the small number, with particular attention to the number of Dalian, even the number like with the hot code together with the characteristics, so even the most easy number from 09 to 11,15 to 17,22 to 24 within the small selection .