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Lottery machine is in accordance with the principle of the design of Pyramid(5)

Apr 09, 2017

I told this to my friend, he called us the sports lottery center, get the answer is absolutely impossible to shake. My friend asked why it was impossible to shake Shake the possibility of heavy! The sports lottery center was asked. I have to say that I am shaking again. The notary office of the people present, and live television, shake again not a heavy shake!! We have more than one problem with the sports lottery. Let me see this, to determine the machine only in accordance with the computer a good number of shake out. Or is the current sales data by computer lottery pass to Ernie, lottery director Ernie orders by the computer calculated by the recognizer Ernie ball.

You say, the sports lottery and the welfare lottery machine functions like it. This is like Santana and Audi cars, the principle is the same, but different equipment. The staff did not take the first set of six numbers out of the ball out of the ball in second sets. This is enough to prove the lottery machine is to identify the computer a good number of lottery.Absolutely the truth. Do not know if you noticed, who saw the scene 28 lottery? 28 Ernie scene will soon be broadcast on television, suddenly the caption "because Ernie device failure, Ernie delayed". But because the television like personnel mistakes, and left to fly out for parts of information transmission failure, the center is not received, the delay time of 28 lottery." It is not difficult to see that you are due to the area to buy lottery information transmission to the center, so the center can not be completed for lottery computer instruction, so can not only delay the lottery on time.More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com