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Related technology of the qi long lottery machine

Mar 23, 2017

Technical level: with the rising level of technology, from the original manual to automatic lottery now. The lottery machine is divided into two forms: one is the lottery is a stirring type; blowing type. With two different techniques, different ways of lottery.

China's current situation of China's technology: after several years of development, the level of domestic technology has caught up with the pace of the world, China currently has a number of production machine manufacturers, to provide specialized services for affiliate lottery, large scale and advanced technology.

Demand: many of our government departments or business units, due to the social environmental requirements are required to disclose, to be fair, so the demand for lottery machine is increasing, in addition, the rise in recent years, many emerging industries, requires a fair notarization, also increased the demand for lottery machine.More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com