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the principle of the lottery machine, and how does it work (1)

Mar 25, 2017

1, the original manual type: the main use of rotary type and box type two, the basic principle of rotary table is the object to the center of rotation symmetry,

2, box: as long as the use of the central axis of the cylinder rotation, so that the ball inside the random chaos, to achieve the effect of random fairness.

Principle 3, stirring machine is mainly used to simply rotate the stirring shaft, the ball random movement all the time to open a ball outlet, just after the ball outlet ball as lucky ball.

Specifically as follows:

First of all, for the preparation of the lottery lottery machine, put the ball stirring area and ball and released areas are used transparent structure, the whole process will clearly visible. The diameter of the standard ball is 4 cm, the surface of the utility model has the advantages of no hole, hollow, non-magnetic, non metallic light and the same material.

Mixing zone with three cantilever blade driven by the motor are clockwise or counterclockwise, uniform rotation and direct role in the award of the ball, so the ball can award regardless of severity directly under the scrapings were taken to a certain height and began to fall, his fall close to free fall, so relative to an acceleration of gravity and full of the same with the surrounding natural air is 60 cm in diameter mixing zone.More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com