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the principle of the lottery machine, and how does it work (3)

Mar 29, 2017

As everyone knows, Ernie is actually a manual control of the computer. If the sales volume is not more than 30 million yuan. Can not open the first prize or open a few note first prize is issued to the computer by the instructions. And then the computer according to the pre-set procedures. In order to protect the lottery process of justice, randomness can be said to be a double insurance. This form of lottery chance fully reflects the fairness, randomness, science and the black box can not control.

The principle of blowing machine is more complex, simply when the machine starts, the fan will air pressure pump, pressure pump compressed air through the guide pipe blowing stirring chamber (transparent container), Ernie ball "stirring" under the action of airflow, the electronic control module according to the time set time to open out in order to blow out the ball, the ball number of the lottery regulations, power off automatically after the end of the lottery.

In particular, the direction and intensity of the air flow are related to the complex physical principles of fluid mechanics, kinematics and mechanics, and the force field.Too complex, the details can refer to the official website of www.qilonglotto.com.