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The secret of the lottery and bingo machine (1)

Apr 11, 2017

Look at this colorful speculation and analysis of friends, gradually everyone in human FC is lying, what randomness; but people still come to their senses, each are big, I advise these friends to keep a good attitude,

Do not bet color, each play a few notes on it, to make a contribution to the country, but also to be able to get a wealth of hope, it can be, what are the people.

Well now, now what is the machine? In fact, we have learned before, what should first understand the nature of the person, the machine what?

That is the "Ernie ball", ha ha, you know? Then proceed with the analysis.

The working principle of the double chromosphere lottery machine is divided into. control equipment

Two. Identification equipment

Three. Execution equipment

Four. Operating software

A control device, we often said: in fact this is the computer control and so on, all of you have heard, but how can a computer control machine, is how to control it?

But it is still in a raffle, a lottery machine controller, the controller with the micro processing chip, can connect with computer control, machine internal equipment, such as ball, turntable, door opener etc..

Two, identification equipment: This is the ball and Ernie with, oh, in fact FC with the double chromosphere value should be cheaper than the machine, the ball is very expensive oh!!!!!!!!!!!!! More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com