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The secret of the lottery and bingo machine (2)

Apr 17, 2017

How did the ball do that? I said we will suddenly realize, fuck, how is it? Before we must have thought that the ball is not tied to the rope, how come out there are signs of it? In fact, the ball is the use of RFID (ie, radio frequency technology), the ball inside the coil and chip, each chip corresponds to a number, 33 balls, 33 chip number, also known as ID.

I would like to understand that we will all understand that the white-collar workers in the company have used, that is, open the door card, we brush it, the door opened, right? Get it!!!!!!

Similarly, the ball is a built-in chip card, there will be recognition of his equipment, that is the card reader, the card reader is installed in the machine, it is specially used for identification card.

Three, the implementation of the device: the reason why this gadget imported from foreign countries, one is to explain the foreign technology is high, high, we do not want to get, and the two is the domestic really can not get out of this thing. Ernie used technology electronics and high precision abrasives, the two domestic is not out, we also engage in table tennis. How did the ball execute the controller's order? In fact, there is a device inside the ball. He was authorized by the current, will pretend to Ernie with other ball at the same time, but in the end it must be. Lottery watching TV is out of sight.More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com