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The secret of the lottery machine

May 04, 2017

General working principle: FC according to the current betting results, first through the current statistical analysis software of the powerful betting amount and the number of bets, the computer artificially set the intermediate period, and obtained satisfactory results, and then through the machine operating software to the controller in the machine commands, read Shuangseqiu card reader equipment need (RFID), if OK, the actuator ball start, open the door opener, the number was.

Those who supervise the staff, but also useless, that press a button is to monitor? Supervision can only use the eyes? FC you laugh at me no brain!!!!!!

Through the above analysis, which can not be imagined, that is not a shady, FC internal staff can be set to take the bonus? This, how to say it? Chinese people know that the rules are people, I will not say.

In the absence of statistical results before betting, FC to determine a set beforehand if cheating winning numbers, there is a danger, not afraid afraid of the event, so each of the lottery after the deadline to stay so long time and this is why the lottery!

If the rules can be effectively implemented, even so, I think it is effective and fair, FC itself is a welfare state that this is a let people love money, FC 100 business makes money.More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com