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To yourself you will not be driving, playing racing games know

Feb 23, 2017

Test sit "the driver", his hands clenched on the steering wheel. Staff open touch screen computer, press the "start" button. On the screen, a car inching, hidden behind grey graphics after a few seconds, not far from a marked "end" the Word icon. When that coincides with the end of passenger cars are hidden, testers can press the "OK" button.
This is the first motor vehicle drivers in Guangzhou neural capacity assessment Studio, opened June 25. Simply put, these tests assess, some people will find their own responses, ability to control deficiencies or weak than normal people are not fit to drive, driving there are areas that need special attention.
This test consists of 9 projects, can detect the driver's attention, vision bias, use hands, motion perception, spatial perception, and so on. For example, if on motion perception and reaction index score is low, so when an accident occurs in the actual road, testers are more prone to slow reaction, the speed estimation problems such as inadequate.