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What is lottery bingo ball drawing machine

Mar 21, 2017

The lottery machine is used to roll all prize machine. Applicable to the courts, government agencies, enterprises and other units that need to show a fair or fair or draw the number of links in all activities. The national lottery, lottery lottery machines are used, above the provincial court, the relevant publicity department, will use the machine as a fair mark. The earliest machine developed by the French scientist. The air blowing machine for stirring machine generation and two generation.

The design process of lottery machine, is based on the scientific principle as the foundation, through repeated experiments and demonstration, complete the design of the series of the lottery machine. The performance characteristics of lottery machine to ensure the fairness of the results of the lottery. Technical level: with the rising level of technology, from the original manual to automatic lottery now. The lottery machine is divided into two forms: one is the lottery is a stirring type; blowing type. With two different techniques, different ways of lottery. More information, please come to visit our website: www.qilonglotto.com