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30 Million Yuan To Send The Final Sprint

May 26, 2017

Guangdong Fucai "happy very" 30 million yuan awards since the beginning of April 8 has been in the seven Saturday to the award, as of May 20, the total has sent 26.91 million yuan, the remaining 308 million yuan, This Saturday will continue to "happy very" game of the four options to play awards.

On Saturday to send 421 million yuan

The award of the prize in the game, "election two optional", "election three optional", "election four optional" and "election five optional" four games to play awards, award rules and the past remain unchanged The From the point of view of the award, "election three optional" and "election five optional" two games are still the most love Lottery favorite, sales and winning situation are far ahead. In the last week on the award day, a total of more than 4.14 million yuan bonus, total return rate of 72.98%. Among them, the "election three optional" out of 265297 Note, the extra prize of more than 1.59 million yuan; "election five optional" in the 30028 note, an additional prize of more than 1.8 million yuan.

Saturday "fast ten" award final sprint

In accordance with the rules of the event, the activities of a total of 30 million yuan to send the prize money, pay prizes prizes prizes have a surplus, then the package back to the postponed, still every Saturday to send prizes, If the arrangements for the payment of funds in the active period of use, the award event in the game after the end of the game to stop, beyond the prize money by the game adjustment fund. The current prize bonus only 3.08 million yuan, according to the previous seven awards daily average of 3.84 million yuan to send a daily calculation, this Saturday (May 27) is likely to be the remaining prize money paid The Like "fast ten" lottery friends please seize the last chance to sacrifice love at the same time to win your lucky.