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3D Cafe Tickets

Feb 23, 2017

3D Lottery Lottery machine-motherboard will not boot, power on no display, alarm memory ("Didi" barking) failure: memory of alarm failure is more common, is mainly caused by memory-poor contact. Irregular such as memory stick, memory stick is a bit thin, when you insert the memory slots memory, there is a gap; the Goldfinger process memory bad, bad finger surface, for a long time, gold finger gradual thickening of surface oxide layer, causing memory bad; poor quality of the memory slot, Reed gold finger contact with the memory does not, and so on.
3D Lottery Lottery machine adopts the advanced bar code management system, each machine is equipped with a separate bar code, making management more simple approach: open the chassis, with the rubber carefully wiped the memory of Goldfinger, down plug the memory stick, using hot-melt adhesive to fill memory slots on either side of the gap, preventing oxidation continues in use. Note: Reseat memory stick host fold the power cord is unplugged when, to prevent accidental burning memory