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Air Mix Lottery Machine Information Dissemination Tool

Aug 03, 2017

Air Mix Lottery Machine Information dissemination tool

Technological innovation is the key to the transformation of traditional industries, it erupted vigor and inspiration is immeasurable. Through the Internet technology to achieve digital, information technology, data integration, to enhance the service to enhance the brand experience, to achieve the upgrading of traditional industries, help traditional industries calmly cope with the challenges and opportunities brought about by the times.

Multimedia air mixed lottery machine as a highly efficient information dissemination tool is widely used in various places, including store brand promotion, marketing information, product information, customer interaction experience, the past two years is further developed into a business cross-channel, point-to-point O2O Necessary passage.

In this era of information explosion, for the operators, the layout of the air mixed lottery machine, through the visual temptation to give consumers a feast for the enjoyment of the experience, is the evolution of active marketing upgrades; at the same time commodity information data, operational management structured, but also Further reduce the brand and the key to operating costs.

Multimedia air mixed lottery machine, server real-time management and control of all air mixed lottery machine terminal. It has a high-definition display and multimedia advertising system, from the service terminal to the application terminal, to achieve one-stop retail digital network deployment.

1, promotional information real-time push

For specific products and specific customer design promotional information, through the server directly to the cloud terminal for information, data push, processed information can be immediately replaced in real time on the electronic screen to achieve timely and efficient dissemination of information. 2, reduce advertising costs

Air mixed lottery machine as a multimedia information dissemination platform, in a timely manner through the background operation of the replacement of advertising to meet the diversity of user needs and emergency response to emergency information. We do not have to print posters for new product information / activity and use manpower to distribute. HD display playback animation mode, more attractive to customers eye, attract attention.

3, to build marketing network

The single form of creation is far less valuable than the group marketing. In addition to the digital advertising in the store set in the business district also need to be deployed, through the purchase of digital signage display, in a specific scene, a specific time to push information to form a complete digital marketing network, covering more consumer groups.