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All Lottery Machine Use

Feb 23, 2017

1, and everyone Le lottery machine in using of when, actually we can according to machine again open has zhihou, according to about of interface tips, select everyone Le lottery machine of some intelligent way, for game for related of difficulty of set, including in usually play of when we can set for game of full limited red, and odds also has each note of fixed of amount, and Shi long of related of information, and for game of contest time and so on.
2, we use the lottery machine on a callout on minimum bet on the machine, the time limit for the minimum amount of numbers can go. When playing the game, of course, in order to increase the air, machine, you can choose Lottery Lottery machine background music, to set the games about playing time, whether we need a very good and very exciting background music.
3. everyone Le lottery machine of using method when, for contest Shi long can for related of set, like at can to set contest of effective of time of related parameter, if players in usually purchase of votes from lottery of time is up words, over has related of set value time zhihou, in came to here for contest, so in everyone Le lottery machine among, on will displayed system automatically void.