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Barcode Ball Prospect

Nov 29, 2018

With the rapid expansion and development of the retail and consumer markets, it has also promoted the growth of China's bar code label business. Because more and more places need to use labels and barcodes. In fact, as early as the 1970s, bar codes have been applied in a small range in the global retail industry, and today, bar code and automatic identification systems and data acquisition technologies are still playing a vital role on a global scale.

In fact, on a global scale, the number of bar code scans required to be used every day has exceeded 100 million times. Its application scope also covers various fields and industries, including logistics, warehousing, libraries, banks, pos cash register systems, and medical care. , retail goods, clothing, food services, high-tech electronics, etc., and still continue to use barcode applications in some new projects every day. As the market continues to evolve, we have the confidence to believe that bar codes will surely drive us to experience a better life and save us valuable time.

For example, in the logistics industry, the classification of goods in logistics, the allocation of location, the query of location, the information of entering and leaving the library, the entry and exit of inventory, product inquiries, etc. If you use human resources to do these things, not only waste time, manpower and material resources. Financial resources, etc., are often accompanied by very large error rates, which have caused a lot of troubles for most businesses and even the entire logistics industry. So it can be said that the logistics process without barcodes will be so chaotic. The consequences are often unimaginable. The advantages of bar code technology for the logistics industry are also obvious, which can be accurately managed and functional. The needs for most modern warehouse management can be met. The operation is simple and convenient, and the maintenance does not require any trouble. The administrator of the warehouse can quickly get on the job after simple training. And it can greatly reduce the high rate of human error. It is easy to instantiate the cumbersome work, and it is especially convenient when inquiring the goods. It does not require a lot of manpower to check a wide variety of incoming and outgoing documents, just swipe on the computer and the required cargo model. Detailed information such as the dealer, the date of shipment, and the handler can be displayed and printed. And this part of the data can also be backed up, and there is no fear of data loss due to a crash or a virus in the computer. It is a humanized management system.