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Bingo Machine Game Rules

Jun 23, 2017

Bingo Machine game rules

Bingo Tycoon game is a game in a total of 26 ball game consoles.

Rules of the game editor

The game has a total of 26 balls, including 1 to 24 ball, red ball and green ball. After the start of the game, usually each time a ball out to the ball for the winning results, according to the sub-project sub-rate (single 24 times, 11 times the ball, the other 2 to 8 times) to return to the prize points.

"Bingo tycoon" provides: the green ball for all winning; and, if the top of the bar (no top ball), according to 2 times reward.

"Bingo Tycoon" also provides the ratio function, in the results and a prize, the screen prompts by "times" button, you can participate in times than the game, or "half times", "double times."

If you accumulate CaiJin more than 500 points, send the cumulative CaiJin. If you have more than 500 points, send the total of CaiJin.

Button Usage Instructions Edit

To manipulate the "joystick" to select a bet item, press the "Add" button to increase or decrease the betting score by pressing the "Cancel / Remake" button to cancel the bet value, or press the " Bet on the betting. Press the "Start" button to start the game.

"Bingo Tycoon" also provides other accessibility buttons:

Press the "statistics" button, to provide 50 Bureau of winning numbers analysis statistics.

Press the "Bureau" button, check the last game and the winning situation.

Hold down the "coin" button for more than 0.5 seconds, prompting the coin operation, and press the "start" button to start coin, each 10 coins. Screen prompts can participate in times than the game, press the "times" button, start times the game, and press the "big", "small" to determine the results. Times, manipulate the "joystick" to the left half times, manipulate the "joystick" to the right double fold, press the "cancel / remake" button to exit times.

Manage the operation edit

Open "on the lock", the screen shows the management operation.

Press the "bonus" button, the points; press the "minus" button, the elimination of points.

When you press the "Statistics" button, you change the content of the betting picture.

Press the "Start" button, if the password is correct, enter the "Game Settings" operation. Press the "Start" button.

Directly according to the box "direct coin" button, you can directly withdraw the currency.

Game Settings Edit

Manipulate the "joystick" to select the items to be modified, press the "plus", "subtract" button to adjust the data, press the "big", "small" to modify the data bits.

If the data exceeds the setting range, the data is not modified.

Press the "times" button to restore all the data to the default settings.

Press the "Cancel / Remind" button, the project data is restored to the last set value.

Press the "Coin" button or turn off the "on the lock" or for a long time (> 30 seconds) without pressing any button, do not save the modified data and exit the setup operation

Press the "Start" button to save the modified data and exit the setup operation.

The password is 1 to 4 digits, the last bit can not be 0, and the password for the management operation. When changing a password, the "Confirm Password" should be associated with the "Change Password"

The same can be effective (8-digit password high 4 should enter the original password). Password changes, should keep in mind the new password, otherwise the manufacturer can not crack the password for you.