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Change The Fate Of The Lottery Game Players Lottery 13 Million 20 Thousand Usd

Apr 05, 2017

"Some people, they are complacent, but the enemy but the cruel reality, only carries the dream, silently waiting for the day, the legendary opportunities." When Hangzhou's 13 million winners say it a little book of words, he excited eyes full of tears, because he finally got the legendary "opportunity", when he changed the fate of the moment.

In May 30th, he got the first prize in the Super Lotto, a single note bonus 8 million 20 thousand yuan, due to the time of the big lottery award, so many sent prize money of $5 million, the total amount of up to $13 million 20 thousand prize.

In the interview, we learned that the winners of last century Wu, graduated from college in 90s, has been in the age of 40 he still lives in the confusion, although already married, but because in business encounter various unfavorable, so until now he still do not have a stable job, the whole family crowded in a small rented room in.

"So many years of graduation, I changed a dozen, maybe I am too idealistic, always want to find a love of their own occupation as a lifelong career, but has been unable to find, I don't even know what to do, what to do." In this section of the decade long frustrated time, Mr. Wu will rely on buy big lottery lottery out. "Because I was in engineering, have more sense of numbers, I buy too much, just to dissipate."

But who would have thought that in May 30th, his fate will really be a small lottery changed? "I imagined myself in the Grand Prix, together with his wife, but also after the grand prize in the planning how to spend, but we all know that this is Arabian Nights, joking consolation bale."

When the 13 million bonus really get in the hands of the time, Mr. Wu's thinking suddenly became particularly clear: I have to buy a house for my wife and children a good living environment." Mr. Wu said, "and then the rest of the money I have to use to realize what I thought."More information, please come to visit the qilong website: www.qilonglotto.com.