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Chase Cold Number Lucky Lottery Fast 3 Bonus Of $72000

Mar 30, 2017

The morning of March 29th, located in Anping County, Hengshui city of Hebei Province as the street north of the No. 13185066 betting station master Wang came to the center for lottery lottery winners redeemed 20170328034 fast 3 bonus 72000 yuan.

Mr. Wang said that since he engaged in lottery industry for ten years, has been operating in good faith as the criterion, he said: "honesty is the foundation of this, the integrity of business only, to keep the old lottery, attract new lottery." Therefore, the site has been in his two prize 4 note two prize, two note, bonuses are hundreds of thousands, is he to the Hebei Provincial Welfare Lottery Center change for lottery prize money, and do not pay a penny.

The winner of the lottery is also the color of the old lottery lottery station, like to buy fast 3, because fast 3 game play is simple, quick lottery, winning a variety of ways, very attractive. Mr. Ma to buy "fast 3" has a characteristic that is cold, love, and not a betting "Panther date" is "on", the first choice is not long in the recent "cold", then the composition of several groups of numbers, according to the results of the lottery, betting number times the investment flexibility. In December last year, Mr. Ma on the use of this unique method of winning the election prize 10 yuan. After winning, but also the main station Mr. Wang unpaid to the Provincial Center for Mr. Ma redeemed bonuses. It is Mr. Wang integrity, integrity, worthy of other people's trust, Mr. Ma will become a loyal lottery station, will be assured to win the lottery to him.

When it comes to the color station business, Mr. Wang said, now the lottery market is very competitive, integrity management is the basic, in addition to the lottery for good service, but also improve their professional skills, the most important is to use their experience to help friends winning lottery betting, so in order to attract more buyers, increase sales.