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Cool Wind Pony Game Play And Highlights Introduction

Feb 23, 2017

Fancy pony rides the wind teaching swing machine is an innovative children's entertainment, the game not only has many different styles of riding style, was one of the English teaching game so that every child will also learn the basics of simple English words. Unique multiplayer feature, experience the fun of riding racing. Cool wind pony game play:
1, input games, the game began.
2 Select "normal" or "Super mode"
3, the game begins, the machine played swing music
4, pulling the reins of the horse to avoid obstacles (left to left, right to right, pulling together jump)
5, smooth finish, the game is over. Bright wind pony rides: a cool wind pony rides are fun screen children's educational learning games, PC/online mode can be selected. Scene lively and interesting, enjoy the ride and the fun of learning in games. Provide business model, ensuring that revenue. Suitable for supermarkets, community, theaters, stores and other unmanned sites.