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Driving Tired To Buy Fucai Rental Drivers Doubled In Millions Of Awards

May 04, 2017

Tianjin Beichen District Lottery Shen, in the open when the rent will buy Fucai as a way to relax, according to their own exploration out of the unique selection of skills, fortunately through the double vote won the two-color ball million awards.

Mr. Shen had to work in the field, leisure and often with the workers to buy Fucai color ball, and slowly summed up the first set of gallbladder, after the election of the betting method, that is, their choice of three bile code, the remaining three numbers through the machine determine. Mr. Shen said: "buy a lottery time is long, once to select the six numbers is not easy, but each time the election of two or three numbers is still certain.There is a skill, the election is luck, skills plus luck this should Is the most reasonable match. "Through this betting, Mr. Shen for so many years, the small prize has been a lot of succession.

Two years ago, Mr. Shen returned to Tianjin, became a taxi driver. Because every day for a long time driving, Mr. Shen felt tired when you will find a betting station, go to study the study number as a rest. In the two-color ball before the lottery 2017047, Mr. Shen in accordance with the old method to choose a good number of times after the vote 10 times, after winning the prize in the current second prize, the cumulative bonus of 1.16 million yuan.

Mr. Shen himself to Fucai Center for the award-winning procedures, he said: "Before the family always said I bought lottery tickets for so many years did not win the prize, this time so they are also very happy, so I won the award, Let 's have a good time to celebrate, and then talk about how to use the bonus.