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Eastern Lotto Winner Claims 1 Million Us Dollars Which Make The Lottery Game Winners Crazy.

Mar 18, 2017

Lotto game is the first lottery game in the us to give the players the opportunity of winning million prizes. And over 30 years on lotto still boasts jumbo jackpots and awards millions of prizes every week.

One player equalled 50 million won by 2 players when they have  20 million just weeks later on Sunday 12th, Mar.

One lotto player in eastern has finally claim the prize of 1 million us dollar more than 8 months after the drawing game in which it was winner took place. The winner was achieved on Friday 19th April. Which a ticket entered for the us millions game matching the us millionaire maker. However the owner of this ticket is still a mystery. And this year ended with not the prize being changed.

Qilonglotto.com hope every player can win the finally prize. So good luck everyone.