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Fault Zone! Nanjing Won The Lottery Shuangseqiu 216 Thousand Award

Apr 08, 2017

On the last day of March, Nanjing City Welfare Center ushered in a lucky lottery friend Lee (a pseudonym), through the conversation that Mr. Lee is the thirty-sixth year in 2017, the only one in Nanjing, the 1 note winner of the two prize. According to Mr. Lee introduced the lottery that day he in a training institution downstairs waiting for her daughter from school, a school at a distance of 25 minutes, a thought through my mind, as to the vicinity of the lottery betting station to buy note Shuangseqiu!

Two hundred and one thousand seven hundred and three trillion and three hundred and ten billion three hundred and thirty-one million two hundred and fifty-five thousand six hundred and sixty-four

Go, while Mr. Li came to Nanjing is located in Gulou District of Jinjiang City Road 68, 32015562 lottery sales, he looked at Shuangseqiu charts with the thought: "until the winning banker bets, no more than three months, as the change of play, a Shuangseqiu double change of luck". In the choice of 33 red balls, Mr. Lee to determine the issue of the double chromosphere is bound to break the Middle Road, so in the middle of the road - 23 - all of these 12 red balls to give up, the focus of the election on the top and bottom of the 12. In the basketball selection, Mr. Lee is considering the recent basketball long time no down, on the choice of the basketball "12", then choose a "9+1" double chromosphere double votes, kick ball, just 5 minutes away from her daughter from school.

Night Shuangseqiu lottery, consistent with Mr. Lee out of the red, and 6 red balls in all 9 red balls selected; basketball open 15, not down, so Mr. Li won two prize in the 1 note, a single injection of 212654 yuan prize, four prize 18 note, a single injection of money 200 yuan, five prize 45 note, a single injection of 10 yuan prize, the total prize money of 216704 yuan. After the expiry date, Mr. Li said: "I don't buy each Shuangseqiu, whenever there is time will go to buy a note, not deliberately want to buy, to win! The most important thing is to buy a pair of mood, but also contribute to public welfare".