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Foreign Lottery Business Trip On The Road 5 Million 670 Thousand

Apr 17, 2017

Business trip, buy 5 note ball, which one was Shuangseqiu 5 million 670 thousand yuan prize, the reporter saw the lucky in Shanxi Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, he repeatedly said that Shanxi is his paradise.

In this spring season, the first prize. The evening of March 28th, the double chromosphere play 2017035th lottery, a Taiyuan get lucky in the lottery 1 note first prize, awarded the prize of 5 million 670 thousand yuan. The award from Taiyuan city Pingyang road Begonia building opposite the welfare lottery No. 14010097 site, this is the Taiyuan lottery in 2017 since the first note color ball jackpot, who is the lucky lottery won this award, has also become a topic of concern among the recent lottery.

Welfare lottery center in Shanxi, the reporter saw the lucky young lottery, although young, but for winning this thing, the performance is very calm. "I started very early to buy double chromosphere, every 5 note selected custom machine, this is like winning the lottery machine selection, did not think of which one is really in." The lottery told reporters, and he came from the field and travel during the purchase. The third day after the lottery, he through mobile phone verification, first seen on the blue, red, did not expect all the same, just a few times, I can't believe that, after repeated several times to open the computer number, confirmation, first he telephoned his wife to share the joy. "I have not told my parents that I will tell them the real money today, and I will tell them that the most important thing is to go home now." The lottery said with a smile.

For the use of this bonus, the lottery also has a preliminary plan, some of which are used to repay housing loans, as well as part of the plan to go abroad for further study. "Shanxi is my paradise, this gave me such a big surprise, these days I'm going to make the lover also came to Shanxi together." Before leaving, the lottery said.