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Friends Note That You Have 220 Thousand Double Chromosphere Awards Not Received!

Apr 13, 2017

As we all know, as the welfare lottery game aircraft carrier, has a distinctive feature: Grand Prize, small award. Compared with the fixed prize awards, always seems so precious, but most of the people are gambling and ran to the grand prix.

Relatively speaking, it is not easy to win the jackpot, most winners will receive a bonus in the first time. Weifang, Gaomi City, but there is a color friend, he in the February 28th double chromosphere 2017023rd lottery, in the 1 note of 220 thousand yuan prize, such as two. However, until April 11th, the distance from the awards have been in the past 42 days, the winner has not yet appeared on the award.

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It is understood that the 2017023rd color ball among them, Weifang color friends scored one of the 2 note silver medal, each note bonus of $223769. 2 note award respectively the flower falls is located in the Coastal Development Zone North Sea and Xin Sha Lu turntable 200 meters north of the No. 37071419th lottery site and Gaomi merchants South 37079503rd Fucai site.

The same is a big prize, the Binhai Development Zone, the first day of the lottery winners appeared early in Weifang City welfare center received a bonus. However, the color has been unable to win the prize winning friends. All said, the award is not easy, and the line and treasure, but the color of the friends of the winning lottery has been reluctant to come forward to accept it?

Do not know the winning? There is no time to pay? Or lost the lottery?

No matter what the reason, the winner has not yet been awarding things bad Weifang welfare lottery center staff.

Here, Weifang welfare lottery color friend reminded: a period of 60 calendar days, after buying lottery tickets to safekeeping, check the winning situation as soon as possible to betting lottery or lottery prize, anonymous and do not report the loss, damage or loss cannot be redeemed for lottery winnings, overdue not awarding as Qijiang, Qijiang bonus included in the lottery. A lottery in the amount of 10 thousand yuan (excluding) above, awarding the need to hold my ID card and ticket to the city Fucai Center for awarding procedures.

At present, the distance Shuangseqiu 2017023rd deadline for awarding only just more than and 10 days, please check your ticket again, don't because of a careless or careless, so this should belong to you 220 thousand yuan bonus pass.