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Good Luck,the First Lottery Game Playing Then Got The Jackpot 5 Million 450 Thousand

Mar 24, 2017

Welfare lottery double chromosphere game 2017031st lottery. The number of red balls out of the current period is 06, 10, 16, 26, 27, basketball number is 03.

After the draw, the first prize blowout 30 note, single note bonus of more than 5 million 450 thousand yuan, of which the 1 note was Shenyang lottery. Yesterday, the winner MA (a pseudonym) came to the Shenyang City Welfare Center, received his prize.

This year, the second lottery lottery prize

Ma presented the winning lottery shows, lottery tickets purchased in Shenyang 2121 betting station, for the 2 note machine menu betting, betting $4, that is the first prize.

In other people's opinion, Mr. Ma is really very lucky, because this is the second time this year's lottery tickets. And only three months to buy lottery tickets for the election of the machine, in the first prize, but also to Mr. Ma excited about the two.

"I don't know anything about the lottery, I bought a total of less than 10 times. This year, only bought two lottery tickets, the first time before the new year, Geely, this time is passing lottery station, just pocket 4 yuan change, on the machine selected the 2 note. I did not expect the first lottery in life, is about 5000000 yuan prize." Mr. Ma said with a smile.

The money for children to marry and settle down

In fact, the "birth" award, Mr. Ma did not know that he had won the lottery, but in Fahaniu awards out of town, this is a big thing.

"I had dinner with my friends that day, and all of them talked about winning the lottery, and they were so lucky that they were about 5000000. Back home, I remembered to buy a lottery ticket, then check the numbers, on the spot quickly. To tell the truth, did not sleep well at night, in the morning to get up to the welfare center." Mr. Ma recalls.

Talking about the use of bonus plans, Mr. Ma said: I did not want a good time, after all, about 5000000 is not a decimal, we must make a good plan. But most for children, now he is at the stage to let him marry and settle down, have a good future, also is the biggest wish of the parents! I will let him do more good deeds, return a lot of society, can afford to bring happiness to us lucky."