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Group Three Pack Number Betting

Nov 20, 2017

In the face of this generous bonus delivery, all the way God is still tangled with it? Do not buy at this time, more when to be! Let's bet together ~ ~


    Jiangxi always betting Tips:


    Size combined with betting


     Two-star direct election, quiz lottery numbers last two, respectively, the choice of ten and a bit of one or more number bet, a prize of 116 yuan. By observing Jiangxi lottery history lottery numbers, the size of the way is very suitable for two-star direct election.


     Group three pack number betting


    According to the trend of the number out of six numbers selected "all combinations" package number, betting amount of 60 yuan, 385 yuan prize money. When there are three pairs of lottery did not appear, you can use the package method betting. According to the historical data and the theoretical probability to count if there is more than 10 or more did not appear on the lottery number, then you can take all-inclusive way to chase group three betting method, betting amount of 180 yuan, 385 yuan prize money, profit 205 yuan .


    Betting rules


To grasp the cyclical way of betting, whether it is one-star, two-star, three-star, five-star, size and other types of betting methods have their own characteristics of the cycle, we can not predict the appearance of a number but you can see it in the historical data Frequency of occurrence and interval appears, and grasp the special cycle that can be learned in the betting method of your choice to reduce the risk.