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He Won A Prize Of 1.92 Million Yuan. The Winning Lottery Ticket Is In The Hands Of Others.

Dec 03, 2018

“Thank you for your bet!” Mr. Su, who came to the Sports Lottery Center, said, What is this?

It is understood that Mr. Su is in his thirties this year. He only started buying color last year. He soon felt the fun of sports lottery. He also became a friend with the betting station owner. The betting station owner suggested that he keep the number, and Mr. Su looked at the chart. The numbers 01, 23, 24, 28, 33 + 04, 07 were selected, and the code number was purchased for more than three months.

On the 24th, he happened to go out to the field and called the betting station owner: five times the number, additional bets, and the transfer of the ticket. After the owner helped him make the lottery, he put it in the drawer. In the evening, after the betting station owner came home from work, he turned on the TV to watch the big lottery draw of the day. He found that the lottery number and the number that Mr. Su bought were only one difference, knowing that he won the grand prize. I think this is a lottery ticket worth nearly two million. The owner of the betting station feels that the lottery is more secure at home, so he drives to the betting station and takes the lottery back home. At the same time, the good news of the prize is the first time. He told Mr. Su and told him that he would drive to the field the next day to send the lottery ticket to Mr. Su himself. When Mr. Su took this carefully-recognized winning lottery ticket and came to the Sports Lottery Center to redeem the prize, he sincerely thanked him, “Thank you for your honest and honest sports lottery station, thank you for the sports lottery!”.