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Hubei Won The First Prize In Four Titles Jingzhou Lottery Again In 6120000

Jan 12, 2018

Came to 2018 after the Hubei Cai market has entered the jackpot constant rhythm. In the January 9 evening lottery ball No. 2018004, Jing Chu earth again come a note of the first prize, single note bonus 6080000 yuan. As the winner of the jackpot won the double prize, the total prize money reached 612 million yuan. This is also the beginning of the year, Hubei Lottery fourth prize winning color ball award, good luck.

According to the search, 201,8004 two-tone ball in a total of 13 first prize, Hubei Province, the harvested prize from Jingyi Songzi City Street Town Tel: 42160524 betting station. Lottery Lottery is by virtue of an 8 + 1 double ticket to 56 yuan investment won a total prize of 612 million yuan award.

It is worth noting that Jingzhou Song Zi Cai Min Harvested this Note 6120000 yuan prize, Hubei Province in 2018 harvest fourth note first prize, and the two-color ball New Year's lottery is only carried out for four. In a sense, the average winning lottery in Hubei can get a first prize, so strong winning fortune in recent years is also relatively rare, showing the current lottery Hubei Lottery more prosperous.

The next lottery, rational, wise and walking in the way of good luck on the road Lottery in Hubei Province, is expected to 2 won 10 million award.