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ID Card Number Random Combination For More Than Ten Years, Shunde Lottery 7.12 Million

Dec 07, 2018

Foshan Shunde two-color ball award winner appeared to win the prize

On the morning of November 29th, the Foshan City Welfare Lottery Distribution Center Redemption Hall ushered in Mr. Liu, the first winner of the first two-color ball award in Foshan in November. "I am coming to the grand prize," Mr. Liu said happily to the staff of the redemption office. It is understood that Mr. Liu is the fifth-ranked lottery player who won the first prize of the two-color ball in Foshan this year. He won the first prize of the 15th note of the two-color ball in Foshan this year.

7.12 million awards fell to Shunde Longjiang

On the evening of November 27th, the two-color ball was awarded in the 2018139 period. The current lottery numbers were red balls 23, 32, 31, 20, 11, 18, and the blue ball number was 15, and the current two-color ball-head prize was 10 notes, of which 3 notes were first prize. Duplex or bold betting, single-note bonus is 12.12 million yuan, and 7 bets are non-multiple or bold betting, do not participate in the awards, single note bonus of 7.12 million yuan. Among them, Guangdong Zhongde 3 bets, 1 note for duplex or bold betting is won by Shenzhen Lottery, 2 bets for non-multiple or bold betting are won by Guangzhou Lottery and Foshan Caimin. After the search, Foshan Zhongde's two-color ball No. 2018139 first prize winning lottery ticket is a 5 note 1 time 10 yuan self-selected single ticket, the ticketing time is 22:29 on November 25, by Shunde, Foshan City No. 44131435, No. 27, Longfeng North Road, Wanggang, Longgang Town, Longjiang Township.

ID number combination number betting

"I am not a native of Foshan. I have been here for seven or eight years. But I have been buying lottery for more than ten years. I used to buy it at home. I started by passing the Fucai betting station. I was curious to go in and see. Then, I was attracted by the issuance of the welfare lottery's 'helping the elderly, helping the disabled, saving the solitary, and helping the poor'. I didn't expect to buy it for more than ten years. The note number was also written at that time. The combination wrote the five-note number. One chase is more than ten years. Every time I buy it, it is not much. It costs 10 yuan, and at most it costs 800 yuan. I never thought about winning the prize because I didn’t buy it. I want to contribute to the welfare cause. I am standing here with a lottery ticket, and I feel that I am dreaming.” Mr. Liu recalled his experience in buying a lottery for more than a decade.

Win the winning ticket and win the prize.

When talking about when he knew his winning, Mr. Liu said with a smile: "I am doing business. I am busy late every day. I have never checked the winning number. I bought it for the next period. The lottery of the period, this time too. On Thursday, I finished the collection to buy the lottery ticket, and took the lottery ticket I bought last time to take it. I didn’t expect to go to the city’s Welfare Lottery Center to redeem the prize. At that time, there were many people, but I didn’t expect it to be a When the salesman didn't think of it, he told me to let me go to the city's Welfare Lottery Center to redeem the prize and vote for other lottery players. I thought it was more than 10,000 prizes, and I came home when I got the phone. When I won the winning number, I realized that I was the first prize. I repeatedly tried it several times. It was like a dream. I called the wife in my hometown the first time. She didn’t believe it at the time. I decided that she would believe it. I didn’t sleep when I was excited, and I won the award the next morning."

The staff chatted with Mr. Liu, and he also revealed: "I have been working hard to make money and want to give my family a better life. But the business is very difficult to do, it has always been good and bad, sometimes it is a bit frustrating. I didn't expect to suddenly win this grand prize. I think this is the good luck that I have brought through the Welfare Lottery platform to support the welfare cause for more than a decade. I have no money before, now I have money, I will continue to support the welfare lottery. Support welfare business."

Part of the bonus is used to do business

"I am still thinking about the use of bonuses, but I should take some of it out to do business. There was no capital before, and the business was somewhat affected. Now that there is capital, you can expand the business a little and make more money to support the elders. And children, let them live a better life," Mr. Liu said after contemplation.