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LCD Casino Lottery Machine Ahead Of The Game Design

Sep 20, 2017

LCD casino lottery machine Ahead of the game design

LCD Casino Lottery Machine

The machine uses a large screen display, guests can see the information at the same time, the beginning of the installation, the end of the lottery voice prompts active atmosphere, enjoy the fun, enjoy the unique, ahead of the game design concept to ensure that entertainment, irritation, operability, comfort Sex, safety, sensuality to achieve the perfect effect, but also to ensure that the installation and maintenance, easy management, lottery shop, chess room, sauna, foot bath, hotels, hotels, KTV, karaoke OK, bars, cafes, , The game room, the shop, the club, the hotel, the activity room, the waiting room, the waiting room; the teahouse, the village town canteen and so on the place to run some customers after the purchase is very good response


1. Connect the hardware device, close and lock the lock box door, boot, double-click the game icon on the desktop into the game similar to the interface:

Lock screen: the right side of the screen lock screen words to lock the game function, click on the "lock screen" can not be any game operation, need to unlock to operate. Steps: click on the "lock screen", pop-up dialog box, enter the correct password before unlocking. Initial password 111111, can be changed. Figure below

Double-click the upper left corner of the game interface "home" word, will pop up the following window:

2. Enter the password, the initial password is 111111; enter the password, click Login, enter the following settings interface

Here, you can set your audience limit red, the amount of money and the amount of each note, length of time information, and Duijiang long. Ticket text and ticket tail text is the printed lottery ticket and ticket tail information.

1, intelligent way: This is the difficulty of setting the game settings, the bigger the more difficult.

2, the minimum bet: cast a minimum number of numbers.

3, each time: a game of time.

4, the background music: set the game whether the need for background music.