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LCD Casino Lottery Machine Self - Service Terminal

Jun 07, 2017

"Welfare Lottery Self-Service System" is a new type of intelligent lottery sales system in which the lottery is automatically returned to the banker's bank account by using the self-service way to buy the lottery ticket on the self-service terminal. "Lottery self-help sales system" is currently the only truly "paperless sales" of the terminal system, you can easily into the national lottery hotline sales system, self-service terminals can be displayed in the bank hall, newsstand, post office, shopping malls, residential, office Such as stations and terminals and other people stagnant more busy areas, with the expansion of lottery sales crowd, to extend the lottery sales time, expand the lottery sales outlets, increase lottery sales means to improve the degree of automation of the lottery, improve the security of funds, with the traditional Artificial color pattern to form a complementary and many other advantages.

Over the past decade, China's computer lottery has passed the hotline era and hotline sales system era. At present, with the development of computer lottery in various provinces and cities, the Chinese lottery industry has entered a stage of rapid expansion and accelerated increase in the market. The sales volume of lottery tickets has been increasing rapidly, and the variety renewal period has become faster and faster. The direction of unified national sales has become more and more clear. At the same time with the development of China's reform and development, the financial industry has been booming, urban and rural residents card volume rose sharply, the bank automatic trading platform has been effectively promoted. The use of self-service sales terminal sales lottery can effectively reduce the cost of sales of lottery tickets, easy to buy color, expand the crowd to buy, improve the safety of winning funds. Obviously, who should use self-service lottery sales terminal, who is more efficient issuance, the stronger the market innovation capacity, who is growing faster sales, who is the lower the cost of sales, the greater the contribution to the lottery business The "Self-service sales system" is the China Welfare Lottery Center and Yue Choi technology companies, over the years of careful planning and demonstration, into the lottery business and industry development of advanced management concepts, to overcome a technical difficulties and successfully developed a new lottery Betting system, the system uses a mature structure system, and provide a comprehensive national lottery into the national hotline sales system.

According to the current market survey, China has 1.3 billion people, but the total sales of lottery is only about 2% of the global issuance. According to statistics, only 10% of people in China purchased lottery tickets, and the United States, France, Japan and other developed countries is more than 75%. Which we can easily see the lottery sales in China there is a very large room for expansion. Faced with such a huge market. From the sales model point of view, the current domestic sales of the most important way or sales point of the sales staff to manually print lottery, lottery with cash to buy color. However, the above-mentioned developed countries have a large number of unmanned printing machine, mainly installed in supermarkets, convenience stores, subways and other public places, self-operated by the purchaser. Lottery self-service sales model will also be the only way for the development of China's lottery industry.