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Led Light Lottery Machine P10 Full Outdoor Model

Jun 07, 2017

 led light lottery machine P10 full outdoor model

First display screen must be P10 full outdoor model, followed by the card to use the Shanghai Yang Bang's control card, unlimited GPRS device also use Yang to help, to match, and finally on the mobile phone card, must be the beginning of the mobile GPRS function Of the GPRS can be a model, the control card according to the size of the screen free choice as long as the help is to use the same

1, outdoor full waterproof P10 single color LED display design, production should be nice, in line with the welfare lottery sales outlets overall design requirements, see the specific technical parameters.

2, the supplier should be based on the requirements of the welfare lottery sales outlets LED screen design, production. 

Should provide design, production process (including skeleton corrosion, rust and waterproof), design, renderings, the main and auxiliary materials brand, model, and technical indicators, installation program, civilized construction and safety construction measures, acceptance methods, acceptance criteria , As well as the completion of the design, production, installation required, The relevant LED screen door specifications, content and other approval procedures by the Nanjing Welfare Lottery 

Distribution Center unified responsible for the outdoor construction and installation procedures by the supplier responsible 

for the coordination with the lottery sales outlets, as well as electricity from the supplier responsible.

2, suppliers should fully understand the network environment, location, road traffic, storage space, loading and unloading restrictions, and consider the Nanjing climate, government and civil major activities on the impact of the installation, as well as possible other risks. Due to the supplier's own reasons to lead to claims or timeliness, by the supplier responsible for their own.

3, in the construction period strictly abide by the "advertising installation engineering safety technical regulations", "advertising installation workers safe operation specifications", other relevant laws and regulations, norms and site construction units to take strict and effective safety measures to ensure the installation of the construction Personal safety, and bear all the responsibilities arising from this.

4 welding, electrical and other related professional and technical positions must be holders of posts.

Four, duration

All completed in 2011 before the Octopus. Delivery Location: Fucai Center designated the point of sale.

Fifth, the warranty

1, after the acceptance of qualified delivery at least 24 months after use.

2, within the quality assurance period, the supplier should be due to design, manufacturing, technology, materials, accessories defects caused by any product quality problems or failure, at any time maintenance.

3, in the warranty period, such as the occurrence of personal injury accident, by the purchaser, suppliers, and technical supervision departments to jointly investigate, test, in the case of production, construction and other issues caused by the supplier compensation for losses.