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Led Light Lottery Machine Two Kinds Of Play

Sep 20, 2017

 led light lottery machine Two kinds of play

1, the previous one, in the happy first prize, we know that including the election 1 vote, choose a red cast two games are played, that is, numbers and colors, which 01-18 as a number, and 19-20 as a color, 19-20 any one in the first 1 position out to win the bonus 5 yuan; and 01-18 similar to the South Guangdong style good color 1, guess the prize number can get 25 yuan bonus.

  In fact, how should understand? Popular point that, in fact, guess the 20 numbers that the most chance out, if the election between 01-18 choose a vote; the other hand is the red vote. Digital investment, based on years of experience, it is recommended from the size of a single combination, or in addition to the balance of 5 to consider, it is expected to reduce the winning rate to 1/4. Combined with the top 1 trend out of hot and cold, through the chase (such as 5, 8, 10 plan) is likely to harvest bonuses.

  The red vote, although the bonus is only 5 yuan, but only 2 yuan investment, once the winning profit rate of up to 250%, especially in the 19-20 integrated vacancies after the pursuit of ten.

  2, any two, this is ten kinds of games, the winning is the most easy, although the bonus is only 8 yuan, but if the correct choice of prize number, the yield up to 400%, while the chase number, times the harvest is more abundant. Here are the same under the tail number, repeat the number of two methods.

  The same number refers to the same number of digits. We observe the happy number, such as October 21 this year, in the 84 lottery process throughout the day, only 7 with the same tail number vacancies, and appear with the tail number out of the probability of up to 91.7%, combined with the same tail only 10 groups, so we decided to choose the same number of chase 2 is quite appropriate.

  And the duplicate number refers to the number of consecutive 2 appearances. Choose three or so repeated attack, very favorable. Or some people think that the choice of three duplicate number of the cost (6 yuan) is too high, but from the happy look, repeat number is a very favorite number, as in this year on October 21, a total of 84 lottery number, there are three More than the number of repeat numbers up to 79%, indicating that betting 3 duplicate number (ie, 8 election 3), most likely all out, and the current single can win bonus of 24 yuan. Bet 6 yuan = harvest 24 yuan, why not? Even in the same note can also be profitable.

  3, optional 3, four yards with a gall bladder 4 drag, put the same 8 yuan

  According to the author to understand, many lottery people also like to take the package number small double bet to play "election three optional", such as package 4 numbers, bet amount of 8 yuan. In addition, a gall bladder 4 drag is also a good side, refers to the choice of a bile code, 4 bile code, bile code at the same time drag code as long as the two can be profitable. If a gall bladder 4 drag all out, the profit margin is as high as 1100%. What is the bile betting, refers to the purchase of lottery tickets when one or several numbers for the "gall", fixed to one or several numbers and other numbers were composed of single or double number of bets, fixed number was Known as the "bile code", the other changes in the number of "drag code", this betting style referred to as "gall bladder betting."