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Liar Phone To Send Futa City Lottery Won Nearly 300,000 Prize Money

May 06, 2017

Ta City, Mr. Ma operating a beef and mutton store, in his hard work, the store business has been good, support a family of five basic life that no problem.

April 10, Mr. Ma received an inexplicable phone, said he was selected as a lucky customer, you can participate in a company's promotional activities, but to pay 200 yuan registration fee. "Dead liar!" Mr. Ma curse a sentence to hang up the phone. At night, ready to go home to Mr. Ma passing 65420142 betting station, suddenly remembered the afternoon of the liar phone. "Cheat phone is to flick me, but the phone number looks good, as used to bet!" Mr. Ma side want to go into the betting station, in the day "time color" game 74th will "liar phone" after Five numbers "47899" played two times the five-star direct election and 2 times the five-star general election, and then in the betting station to sit and other lottery. Never imagined that the current lottery number is "47899"! Mr. Ma was surprised, scared almost put the stool to sit over, he instantly harvested 29.696 million yuan! Mr. Ma felt his heart in the fast beating, quickly jumped out from the throat!

In the Tacheng Fucai Center award, Mr. Ma said humorously: "really funny! Others received a liar phone is being cheated money, but I because the liar phone harvest nearly 300,000! If every time there is such a luck, I hope the crooks call me a lot! "