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Lottery Center Donated 60 Thousand Yuan To Help Visually Impaired Children

Mar 29, 2017

The first music light charity music week closing ceremony held in Henan, Zhengzhou people's art museum people's theatre. Henan Provincial Sports Lottery Center Director Sun Heping on behalf of the unit on-site donation of 60 thousand yuan, and soulful said "Chinese sports lottery as a national welfare lottery, the purpose is to issue benefit people, make a contribution to social welfare undertakings. Today I attended light music concerts, visually impaired children listen to the world, touch the light music pursuit deeply touched my heart, we don't give a helping hand to help these children difficult, our conscience will be condemned. Therefore, on behalf of the Henan Provincial Sports Lottery Center for the children to donate sixty thousand yuan, to make the road life more visually impaired children, music on the road Gengshun!"

This event has received numerous leadership support and participate in the party scene, Li Daomin is the former president of Henan Provincial Higher People's Court of Henan province development and Reform Commission; former director of Zhengzhou charity President Lin Jingshun; Yao Daixian; Zhengzhou municipal CPPCC, vice president of the Henan General Chamber of Commerce Xing Yongjie; vice president of Henan Province, the Henan General Chamber of Commerce liberal culture industry group chairman Cao Yongbin; vice president of Zhengzhou Charity Federation, chairman of the board of supervisors, Zhengzhou Hualian limited liability company chairman Zhang Shuyun; Henan Provincial Sports Lottery Center Director Sun Heping; Henan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Director of the office of Ren Hua 16 guests and leaders attended the event. It is particularly worth mentioning is the leadership work from UNESCO in France, the only Chinese female Chinese pianist and music educator Ms. Zhou Qinling also invited to come to witness the development and growth of light music "philanthropy.More information, please come to visit the qilong website: www.qilonglotto.com.