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Lottery Game Player: Give Yourself A Chance To Win The Jackpot

Mar 25, 2017

As a senior lottery, Feng Xiaoxiang is also a lottery owners.

This year, Henan, Xinyang lottery winners as a result of the addition of no betting, 5 times the first prize was awarded a total prize of about $about 36000000. But because of the large about 1000000000 yuan prize pool, 360 million yuan and the recent hot delivery, lucky Xinyang lottery this time got during the delivery of an additional bonus of $25 million. In this way, the total bonus is 61 million 20 thousand yuan.

Feng Xiaoxiang told reporters, I often buy lottery tickets, with my son's birthday, buy every day, and sometimes will win." According to her experience, there is no way to buy lottery tickets, you insist, you buy, there is the possibility of winning, do not buy, there will be no chance of winning. There is an old gentleman in our county, insist on buying, this is not the last year in the 5 million."

"It's true that our neighbors have a 270 thousand prize, and many people don't believe it because they haven't seen it before." She said that in her shop, although not sold over the grand prize, but there are a lot of seventy thousand or eighty thousand small prize,."

The Beijing lottery lottery site and zero distance contact, Feng Xiaoxiang has deep feeling, especially the scene to watch the whole process of the lottery, Feng Xiaoxiang of his career also have a deeper understanding, here, she want to take responsibility for the lottery friends said: "please rest assured that boldly buy sports lottery, the lottery is very real the lottery, is" open, fair and open ". More information, please come to visit the qilong website: www.qilonglotto.com.