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Lottery Game Players Went To The Lotto Center To Witness Lottery Drawing

Mar 23, 2017

In May 27th, the Henan lottery team arrived at the Beijing Fengtai Sports Center China sports lottery site, watch the Super Lotto 15060th Super Lotto lottery arrangement and the whole process of three, ranked five in the 15140th phase of the lottery lottery lottery, witnessed the "open, fair and impartial".

In the lottery site, was born 61 million 20 thousand yuan prize, the winner is lucky lottery from Henan, Xinyang.

Scene: 61 million 20 thousand yuan award announced

Around 8:30 in the evening, the official start of the lottery, the day's winning figures have been released, the scene witnessed the Henan lottery group also has a few winners.

In witness lottery Lotto lottery lottery at the same time, also brought good luck for the Henan lottery, the Henan lottery alone in the 5 note, the 5 note award from Guangshan County of Xinyang City, 23803 lottery sales outlets, the single vote bonuses of up to 61 million 20 thousand yuan.

It is reported that the 5 note first prize in Henan, winning the lottery is a 10 yuan 5 times of single ticket, the total was 5 note first prize, a single ticket winning a total prize money of up to 61 million 20 thousand yuan.

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