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Lottery Jackpot Of $1 Billion 358 Million.

Apr 02, 2017

Super Lotto 15064th burst 3 note first prize, 1 note 23 million 480 thousand yuan (including 8 million yuan delivery bonus) the additional betting jackpot, whispering Jiangsu; 2 note 14 million 670 thousand yuan (including 5 million yuan delivery bonus) betting jackpot, from Jiangsu, Guangdong. The end of the lottery, 81 million yuan and 1 billion 358 million yuan delivery bonus pool of funds accumulated.

The lottery number is: 02082028 31+07. The area before the award number with even numbers; even stop, 3 prefix large out "31", the number after missing 16 not out. Overall, before and after the district 0, 2, 8, the combination of the number of the number of the three out of the more intensive, becoming a major feature of this award. The size of the former prize number ratio of 3 to 2, the size of the slightly dominant; parity ratio of 1 to 4, even number significantly dominant. After the opening of the "07, 10" of the two large.

At present, the former district missed the value of more than 20 of the number of 03, 18, respectively, missed the period of 22, respectively.

Data show that 23 million 480 thousand out of Jiangsu and the first prize of $14 million 670 thousand from Wuxi, Suzhou. Large double ticket Wuxi 23 million 480 thousand yuan award from a "11+3", a total investment of 4158 yuan, the first prize 1 note two prize, four prize 2 note, third-prize 30 note, 210 note, 500 note five prize, six prize 481 note, a single vote total prize 24 million 110 thousand yuan. Suzhou 14 million 670 thousand yuan prize from a 6+2 small double vote, invested $12, a total of the first prize in the 1 note, the three prize in the 5 note, a single vote cumulative winning $14 million 690 thousand.

14 million 670 thousand yuan from Shenzhen city in Guangdong, winning the lottery is a single ticket 2 yuan investment, the winner only note number 1, will capture 14 million 670 thousand yuan prize.

Contrast can be seen, due to the use of additional bets, Jiangsu, Wuxi, the lucky guy in the first prize with a full range of more than 880 yuan bonus.

Two prize out of the 64 note, each note bonus of $129 thousand, of which the use of additional bets 12 notes, each note bonus of more than $77 thousand and 400. After the addition, the two prize a single total bonus of $206 thousand and 400. Three prize blowout of the note, each note bonus of $2936, of which 399 notes using additional bets, each note bonus of $1761 more than $977. After the addition, the three prize a single total bonus of $4697.

81 million yuan prize delivery bonus has accumulated to 15065th lottery Monday. Pool, pool of funds accumulated 1 billion 358 million yuan. According to statistics, this is the Super Lotto all-time high prize pool water level second, the highest reached 1 billion 361 million yuan before. More information, please come to visit the qilong website: www.qilonglotto.com.