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Lottery Machine In Cafe What Kinds

Feb 23, 2017

Cafe since the lottery machine on the market, from the devices themselves provide a simple centralized lottery game now in dozens of different games, but with the development of the gaming industry, there appeared a lot of different kinds of games used in people's lives. And the cafe in the lottery machine and keep on introducing new types of lottery, so we use the lottery machine in the process, the choice is even greater,
Everyone Le lottery machine according to development of history to points main has fifth generation everyone Le lottery machine, eighth generation everyone Le lottery machine, Nineth generation everyone Le lottery machine to now of tenth generation everyone Le lottery machine, each generation of update except picture of clarity aspects has improved, including picture of realistic degrees, background operation of human, game difficulty set, host shape of improved, game content of improved increased trend figure and so on aspects.
Everyone Le game machine according to game picture to points now roughly has following type: 10 selected three digital game machine, 11 selected five digital game machine, 3D always color picture, happy is picture, lottery picture, auspicious in the white picture, Le color world picture, seasons picture, fast three picture, 36 roulette picture, flying fish Lottery picture, entertainment Poker picture, five-star macro Hui picture, universal shark picture, Jin Shayin shark picture, racing picture, hundred Le picture, reality Dragon Tiger picture, 208 master vs picture, Beer bingo screen, live-action piece picture, good luck racing wheel of international television singled, fun digital game variety.