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Lottery Player Always Take Color Treasure Box Bonus Of Nearly 30 Thousand

Mar 26, 2017

Wu in the betting station with friends talking and laughing, they like an easy job to do the "treasure box" - a constant color game bonus of 29000 yuan.

Nearly seventy years since Wu retired teachers, deeply love the welfare lottery, particularly the "s.s.c" game. Because the game is easy to play, the winning rate is high, fun, people enjoy it.

The evening of March 11th, Wu went on to the home near the Xinjiang Yining 65410202 betting station. In accordance with his previous habits, we must first study for a while, always color game chart will be betting. But that night, when he was seriously looking at the map, the side of the color of the old friends ridicule Road: old brother, this time you give us back when the teacher, teach us the election number." Wu humbly smiled and said: "what did you say, everyone is expert, how I need to teach how to pick what!" Carter, old Wu under 1 constant color game Samsung direct number "693" was released, as he prepared according to the usual habits of the note number betting 1 times 10 period, Wang again in the side adding the trimmings said: "old elder brother, I see it, the. If you can, betting is not a bit less?" So, Wu under the cruel in the constant color game seventy-first were betting 25 times 20 period. After that, everyone is a joke. In this laughter, seventy-first lottery, Wu Hua willing to take advice "big price" the number of bets is winning, bonuses totaling 29000 yuan.

The color of the faithful in congratulations at the same time, have to ask him not to Wu winning, he pretending to be mysterious and humorously said: "not disclose the secret!" Everyone is a burst of laughter. Subsequently, he announced, the color of the faithful sincere words and earnest wishes to say: "the lottery is just a form of entertainment, do not be too hard, to be treated with common heart is good ah!"more information, please come to visit the our website:www.qilonglotto.com