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Lottery Sales Return To Charity To Prevent Color Fans From Obsessed

Oct 11, 2018

On the evening of October 7th, sitting on the sofa in his living room, Dong Feng, a senior lottery working in a company in Beijing, turned on the smart TV. After pressing a few buttons, he entered a profitable color app interface for selling lottery tickets. The word "lottery" in white is very eye-catching.

"Now I can't buy lottery tickets from here. Football Lottery, Big Lotto, and two-color balls can't be bought, and sales are suspended." Dong Feng told the "Legal Daily" reporter.

From October 1st, the revised Regulations on the Administration of Lottery Regulations will be implemented. According to the new regulations on lottery sales, welfare lottery tickets and sports lottery tickets sold by the Internet without authorization will be regarded as illegal lottery tickets.

Experts interviewed by the "Legal Daily" reporter believe that the move aims to make up for the management loopholes in the lottery sales, prevent the lottery from letting the gambling mental obsession to buy lottery tickets, and also let the lottery sales return to charity.

Make up for the loophole management system loophole

Dong Feng is in his early 30s and has been buying lottery tickets for 10 years.

On the evening of October 7, he operated the remote control and told reporters how he bought the lottery ticket on the Yingying Color App. This convenience was something he could not have imagined before.

However, when he clicked into Yingyingcai to purchase the lottery interface, he found that the words “suspended sales” appeared in both the football lottery, the two-color ball and the big lottery.

"I can buy football before the National Day." Dong Feng said.

At that time, he clicked into the Football Lottery interface and could see the five characters of "Wednesday's Award Day". Below, there was the words "the highest prize of 450 yuan". Ying Ying Cai App said: Where the bet "Sports Football", meet the "single bet amount of 20 yuan to 30,000 yuan" condition, the reward reward 1.5%, the highest enjoy 450 yuan. Under the joyful 11-choice 5-sports football, it is the promotion language of “buy every day, buy more, and return more quickly”.

Dong Feng, while logging in, said that he had bought lottery tickets for many years in this app, and the highest winning record was 1400 yuan.

Enter Dong Feng's personal account page, his relevant information can be seen, including the winning record, unwinning record, account balance, available cash amount.

He told reporters that the current Yingyingcai App can no longer buy lottery tickets through the Internet, but can buy Football Lottery before the National Day, and a week ago, he can still buy a big lottery, and earlier, you can buy a time-color, two-color ball.

The announcement issued by Yingyingcai App said: "According to the adjustment requirements of the Sports Lottery Center business, Yingyingcai will suspend the provision of various services from October 1, 2018, and the recovery time will be announced separately."

This situation does not happen to Ying Yingcai.

The reporter logged in to the Taobao lottery, the page only shows: "Revised..."

When the reporter logs in to Baidu, Baidu’s prompt is: “At the request of the competent department, the current lottery websites are suspended for sale, and the lottery tickets have been sold without being affected.”

This change stems from a decision of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the State Sports General Administration in early September this year: the three ministries have revised the Regulations on the Regulations on Lottery Management, and the newly revised provisions will come into force on October 1.

Among them, an item is added to the first paragraph of Article 7 of the Regulations on the Administration of Lottery Regulations as the fifth item: “(5) Welfare lottery tickets and sports lottery tickets sold by the Internet without authorization.” This means “using the Internet without authorization” The sale of welfare lottery tickets, sports lottery tickets, added one of the forms of illegal lottery tickets explicitly listed in the regulations.

According to the "Regulations", the financial departments at the county level, civil affairs departments, sports administrative departments, lottery issuing agencies, and lottery sales agencies shall actively cooperate with public security organs and market supervision and management departments to investigate and deal with illegal lottery tickets and maintain the order of the lottery market.

Wang Zhenyao, Dean of the China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, told the "Legal Daily" reporter that the revised "Implementation Rules for the Lottery Management Regulations" clearly used the welfare lottery tickets and sports lottery tickets sold on the Internet to be regarded as illegal lottery tickets, aiming to make up for the previous lottery management. The loopholes in the system regulate the sales of lottery tickets and regulate the behavior of lottery players to buy lottery tickets.

In Wang Zhenyao's view, before this, the lottery was sold through the Internet, and there were many problems, especially the distortion of the original intention of buying a lottery was a charity. I was able to buy lottery tickets online at any time, and it was easy to let the lottery be gambling and lead to obsessive buying lottery tickets. .

Strictly check the use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets

Dong Feng remembers that when he first started buying lottery tickets, he bought them in physical stores, such as lottery stations and postal kiosks.

Before he chooses a number, he will generally study it first. Which numbers appear to have more chances, and which numbers have fewer chances. Then choose 7 numbers, let the lottery store owner print out the lottery ticket, and then wait for the lottery.

On the night of the draw, he would watch the TV and stare at the numbers displayed by the small balls that rolled out. The mood will also fluctuate.

But unfortunately, he always buys more, less in the middle, and at most once in a few hundred dollars.

Later, the family bought a smart TV. By chance, he found that there is a Yingying color app in the TV. After registering the user name and logging in to the app, you can buy lottery tickets online, which is convenient and fast.

In fact, the relevant departments have long noticed the problem of selling lottery tickets through the Internet.